Wellington – Ways to insure you roof is protected

Ways to insure you roof is protected

A way to ensure your roof is protected this hurricane season. Is by having a strong surface on the exterior of a home. There is no surface that gets put under the type of strain a home’s roof is under. Especially in the event of a hurricane with roof damage being one of the most common insurance claims. This is a sure way to keep the roof protected. In an effort to keep the roof protected this hurricane season, our team on roofing repair have taken the time to put together a short, on ways you can prep your roof for this hurricane season, with it being only a matter of time before we have another destructive storm system that comes through the area with the potential to cause a great deal of damage.


  1. Clean gutters and drainage – Clear all leaves and debris from gutters and drainage systems, If there is a storm and a buildup of debri is in your gutter then this can easily backup the flow of water and soon intrude your home.
  2. Making sure your insurance policy is up to Date – This is very important to note that there are no coverage gaps in your insurance. If something was to happen such as a leaking roof or heavy storm winds, and damage possibly occurs, then this could spell big bucks and time valuable time spent looking for roofing companies that fits your budget on an unannounced note.
  3. Preparing when storms are imminent – When a storm is predicted to hit land it is best to have fully prepped your roof, by removing all loose objects such as antennas or any seasonal fixtures. When given the proper forecast on the storms course doing this small task will save you money when it is all said and done.
  4. Research – It is always best to research a great dependable company that will handle all of your roofing needs. The company’s background should check out positively along with their quality and customer service. *Note: customer ratings are a great way to determine if you should hire or pass on your next roofing company.
  5. Roof – The roof is the last line of defense on your home or place of business. With that being said the older the roof the more likely it is to being exposed to wind and rain damage. Hire professionals to keep your roofing needs and cost at a minimal.